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About Us

Maranatha History

Maranatha University is located at Mgbidi town, Oguta road, Imo State.  It has an exclusive identity that differentiates it from other Universities in the world.

The differentiating features of Maranatha University has been prudently selected to ensure that they reflect its dreams and aspirations. Maranatha University is purely a Christian faith-based University.

Maranatha University is located along Oguta Road in Mgbidi town. It is accessible by road and air, through Owerri, the capital of Imo State as it lies about 15 kilometers from Owerri. (Owerri has an international airport)

Mgbidi is also accessible by road through Enugu, Onitsha, Port Harcourt and Umuahia cities.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Maranatha University is to be a centre of excellence for teaching, learning, research, and moral orientation that shall produce completely sound-nurtured men and women who are excellent in learning, possess necessary skills and knowledge; and are worthy in learning and character so as to be useful to themselves and to society.

The philosophy of Maranatha University is also to provide teaching and research that shall serve and encourage best practices in its theoretical and practical programmes and projects. To attain these aims, Maranatha University combines core academic teaching with civic studies, religious and moral instructions, as well as entrepreneurial skills so as to inspire students to imbibe the love of God

The godliness of the youth is emphasized and therefore religious moral instruction and education is mandatory in Maranatha University.

Our Vision

To build a world class University based on faith, excellence, and integrity and to contribute to the growth and development of tertiary education in Nigeria and globally.

Our Mission

To provide innovative academic programs to train and empower individuals with skills and abilities by providing qualitative access to knowledge for service to mankind.